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2015 January-November Motorcycle Industry Analysis of the operation, the scooter into the second lar

November 2015, motorcycle sales last month was slightly better, but still fell significantly; from January to November, the industry total sales decline to continue to expand. 2015 January to November, China’s total motorcycle sales 17,211,200 and 17,221,200, down 10.08 percent and 10.81 percent. Among them, two motorcycle sales 15,173,400 and 15,186,300, down 11.44 percent and 11.48 percent, significantly lower than the tricycle motorcycle sales fell. Raw material prices remain low, with elimination of the consumption tax, industry profits to grow this year.

City Scooter inverse become China’s second largest motorcycle models

November 2015, all models in the motorcycle species, compared with the previous month, cross cycling double-digit sales growth; Cub output growth, sales fell; scooter sales decreased. In November, sales of 820,300 across the rider and 822,500, growth of 12.08% and 10.2%, down 19.69% and 17.86%; bending beam car sales 261,400 and 252,600, the output growth of 9.9%, sales down 1.4%, sales fell 17.93% and 20.48%, respectively; scooter sales 270,100 and 247,900, a decline of 2.82% and 6.99%, down 11.87 percent and 15.78 percent. From each of the two-wheeled vehicle sales accounted for the proportion of total sales, the cross-riding, bending beam and pedal three models accounting for respectively 62.17%, 19.09% and 18.74%. Compared with the previous month, the share of promotion across the cyclist 3.36 percentage points, bending beam cars and scooters fell 1.09 and 2.26 percentage points respectively; compared with a year earlier, cycling and cross-Cub slight decrease, scooters slight . January to November, scooter sales 3,074,600 and 3,060,900, an increase of 0.78% and 1.05%, more than the bending beam car has become China’s second largest motorcycle models, showing contrarian growth trend. January to November, 250ml or more (excluding 250ml) large displacement motorcycle sales 34,600, an increase of 86.29%. Leisure and entertainment as the main purpose more than 250ml displacement motorcycles grew significantly, increasing product models are also good momentum of development. Electric motorcycle has great market space, it is widely used in the city, from January to November electric motorcycle production was 114,100, an increase of 485%. (Reproduced in the motorcycle market)

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